Multilog originated in Santa Catarina, in 1984, as a sugar warehouse in the city of Itajaí/SC. In 1996, after receiving authorization from the first Inland Customs Station (EADI), Portobello Armazéns Gerais was born – beginning Multilog’s history – with a license to receive, transport and store imported goods for export. In 2016, it began operating in Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul after acquiring other companies in the market and, at the end of 2017, in São Paulo.

With over 1,500 multidisciplinary collaborators prepared to meet the demands of simple and complex logistics  models, modern structures and fully equipped to offer services with the highest quality and security, Multilog currently has several units strategically distributed in the main import and export corridors of Brazil:

  • São Paulo: São Paulo, Campinas, Santos, Barueri.
  • Paraná: Curitiba, São José dos Pinhais, Foz do Iguaçu.
  • Santa Catarina: Itajaí, Joinville.
  • Rio Grande do Sul: Uruguaiana, Santana do Livramento, Jaguarão.

In addition, it has logistics management tools and systems that ensure total visibility, savings, security and agility to build intelligent and integrated solutions according to the demands of each client.


Logistics Complex São José dos Pinhais/PR


Acquisitions in the Southeast +5 units in SP


Acquisitions in the South +9 Southern units in SC and PR


Joinville Unit at Perini Business Park


Logistics and Industrial Customs Center (CLIA)


Switch from EADI to Dry Port


Name change to MULTILOG


Start of activities as EADI Portobello


Storage and delivery, taking care of what is yours.


Be the best option in logistics, with smart solutions.


with people

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Companies that choose to be sustainable have an immense commitment to the communities and people they impact, with the environment – which is so important for the planet – and with their financial health, so that they have resources to be directed to the main needs.

Making a difference means making the right choices, seeking to understand MULTILOG’s position responsibly  in the economic and social context, the cultural moment we live in, the generations involved, the continuous effort required, the awareness of the role in the lives of people and communities that surround us, the simple and the GREAT amount that must be done for the world.

Here, we were created with social and environmental actions, growing side by side with other achievements. That is why we seek to do the best in our segment and to support initiatives that assist in the development of human beings. Currently, we have over 10 initiatives established that meet different UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

These are initiatives that range from the needs of our collaborators’ babies to youth and adult development programs, in addition to support/sponsorship and involvement in various environmental preservation and social impact actions.


Multilog constantly seeks to improve its processes, structures, services and customer service. All licenses, certifications and awards won reinforce our commitment to always pursue the best for all audiences we impact.