In Brazil, one in four elementary school students drop out of school. To transform this sad reality, Multilog encourages projects such as “The Advantages of Staying in School” in partnership with Junior Achievement. The aim of the program is to show young people that academic education can contribute to a better future, by strengthening the relationship between school and personal and professional success through didactic practices.

Volunteers from different areas of the market contribute professional experiences and explain the role of education in their careers to the students. Over 40 Multilog collaborators have already contributed to the program. In 2019 alone, 281 public school students benefited from a total of 349 teaching hours donated, integrating concepts of employability, education and professional qualification.

Multilog continues to invest in initiatives like this because it believes in people´s development as a way to transform the world.



Every year, Multilog internally promotes the “Solidarity Christmas” campaign that aims to transform Christmas for children, teenagers and the elderly.

During the weeks leading up to Christmas, our collaborators collect gifts and hygiene kits, almost a thousand items were donated last year alone, benefiting over 700 people.

Multilog believes that donation is an act that effectively contributes to transformation for the better of society, institutions and especially people. When we come together to meet people’s needs, we become better.



In order to collect as many items as possible to make winter warmer those who are vulnerable, Multilog created a kind of solidarity contest in which all collaborators were invited to participate.

All donated items were new or in good condition, mainly blankets and warm clothing were collected. The winning unit was Dry Port Foz do Iguaçu, taking the Solidarity Trophy, which has our mascot ‘Loguinho’ all bundled up in warm clothing.

In 2019, at the end of the friendly competition, over 1700 items were given to institutions in over 20 cities in Brazil. It is worth highlighting that the trophy is itinerant and will be disputed for again in the next warm clothing campaign.



Multilog has a commitment to the planet and believes in preservation as a way of ensuring a better world for future generations. For this reason, it continuously improves its structures and processes in order to care for the environment and the community.

Concerned with the impacts of waste disposal, it promotes the recycling of various materials at its units. Last year alone, it recycled 16,201kg, with 3,176kg of regular recyclables and 13,025kg of organic materials.

The company adopted some measures such as transforming old tires into gardening items in the truck yard, using disposed Styrofoam to fill precast slabs, used oil collection points at the units and removing plastic cups from the sectors to save over 1,600 disposed items per month.

In addition, it provides resources to keep a community garden, where everything that is harvested is shared among collaborators and promotes the consumption of pesticide-free food, showing that it is possible to control pests in vegetables using alternative means.



Multilog understands the importance of solidarity and believes that small gestures can transform the lives of thousands of people. That is why it encourages internal campaigns to make its collaborators aware of blood donation and periodically organizes transportation to take volunteers to blood collection centers.

A small blood donation can save up to four lives and make all the difference for people who undergo large and complex medical treatments and interventions such as transfusions, transplants, cancer procedures and surgeries.