Logistics sector innovates with remote cargo checks

Logistics sector innovates with remote cargo checks

With expertise in innovation, Multilog was the operator chosen for remote checks in Campinas

The logistics sector records a new milestone for the segment in 2020. Remote cargo checks with import clearance became a reality at the Customs in Viracopos. With expertise in innovation, Multilog was the operator chosen to offer the proper structure for the checks.

Multilog´s CLIA in Campinas, which has the structure to carry out the inspection, counted on the development of a system to meet the remote demand, integrating the cameras already installed in several points to ensure the procedure was registered from different angles. With this, the operator can explore the images and have full access and visibility to all details of the cargo and all phases of the process, even remotely. The practice may also allows the importer of the goods to monitor.

The RFB Customs Delegate at Viracopos Airport, Fabiano Coelho, explains that the practice is an example of agility, precision and safety. “We are entering a new era of customs control. With the help of technology, we will make physical checks even more effective and transparent, increasing agility and reducing the difficulties caused by the physical allocation of servers. Customs wins, warehouses win, the importers win and our country evolves”, he says.

The process had been under study for months, having already passed the testing and adjustment phase, which allowed full implementation of the model at this time. “The system was about to be implemented and became a reality with the emergence of the need for social isolation. Once again, we seek innovation to develop the sector as a whole”, says Juliane Wolff, Corporate Relations Manager at Multilog.

Remote cargo check was authorized by Ordinance ALF/VCP no. 33, of March 23, 2020. According to experts, it will not replace in-person checks in cases of greater complexity or risk.