Multilog upgrades the Genius platform and now allows to track cargo throughout the logistics chain

Multilog upgrades the Genius platform and now allows to track cargo throughout the logistics chain

A new function has been named MultiTracking and allows the customer to see the cargo in all stages, from the bonded warehouse to the arrival at the factory. The challenge was to integrate all systems on one platform

Multilog has just launched an upgrade on the Genius system that allows the customer to track cargo throughout the logistics chain, using only the platform of the logistics operator. Thus, with MultiTracking it is possible to see each step of the movement, from the arrival at the bonded warehouse, for example, the exit to the road transport, the entrance to the Distribution Center and then the final transport to the customer’s factory, between others, in cases where the entire operation is in the hands of Multilog. The novelty is  the technological integration of all systems, allowing a consolidated view.

“As a logistics operator, we wanted to offer a tool capable of consolidating everything on one platform, going beyond the tracking that is already offered in the market, only in stages of the process”, said Leonardo Moura, IT Manager at Multilog. The Genius platform was launched at the end of 2019 and has since been gaining upgrades. The first of these was the automation of the border process, and now MultiTracking. “Soon, we will announce a financial portal that will also concentrate all processes in one place for the client,” explained Moura.

The challenge of integrating all systems and making them talk on a single platform required seven months of work by Multilog’s IT team. It was necessary to create a logical chain for the information to flow and become useful for the customer.

At Genius, the Multilog customer portal, the main objective is to always give visibility to the operation. In a dashboard, it is possible to check cargo in transit and stored, as well as check cargo in transit by modal. The system uses colors to facilitate and is customized according to the most frequent uses. The customer can also search for a specific cargo, check the status, send documents, among other functions. In addition, Genius offers a customizable notification system to inform each step of the process by email.