Multilog is the fastest company in clearing cargo at Viracopos customs, according to a survey by the Federal Revenue Service

Multilog is the fastest company in clearing cargo at Viracopos customs, according to a survey by the Federal Revenue Service

From 2019 to 2020, release times have been reduced by an average of 6.34 days to 3.36 days

Multilog was appointed as the company that releases cargo in the shortest time at Viracopos International Airport, in Campinas (SP). The data were presented by the IRS last week and point to a reduction in release times from 2019 to 2020. In the so-called Yellow Channel, in 2019, Multilog took 6.66 days to release and in 2020, it already completed the release in 2.21 days. On the Red Channel, the weather dropped from 6.11 days to 4.62 days. On average, the company, according to the IRS, reduced the times from 6.34 days to 3.36 days.

 Multilog’s bonded warehouse in Campinas has OAS certification, which indicates compliance with international quality and safety standards in processes. The warehouse serves a high volume of Health cargo, is close to Viracopos airport and was a pioneer in the implementation of remote surveys, which allows inspectors to audit and release cargo online, ensuring more speed and efficiency to the process.

“We can attribute the reduction in release times to the ability of our team to prepare cargoes quickly, use the system made available by the IRS, develop exclusive solutions to meet demand, such as Genius WebVistoria (for remote cargo clearance), in addition to rely on the efficiency of Organs consenting bodies. We all know that this directly reflects on customer satisfaction and also on new business opportunities ”, said Juliane Wolff, Institutional Relations Manager.

The data released are part of the Management Portfolio, which measured efficiency in 2019 compared to 2020. At Viracopos Airport, which has the highest concentration and frequency of cargo flights in the country, there was no drop due to the pandemic. On the contrary, the Airport started to register a progressive increase in the quantity of import declarations, export declarations and customs transit declarations registered here, since the routes of cargo planes did not suffer the restrictions imposed on international passenger flights.

The Management Portfolio also points out that from one year to the next there was an improvement in all the strategic indicators of the unit and a significant increase in its collection (which now exceeds 1 billion reais per month).

It is worth mentioning that the Viracopos International Airport Customs is the most important airport customs unit in Brazil in terms of import declarations, export declarations, customs transit declarations and shipments import declarations.