Multilog completes 24 years of operations focused on innovation in the logistics sector

Multilog completes 24 years of operations focused on innovation in the logistics sector

The logistics player deployed a series of new features in the segment that streamline processes, expand operations and ensure total safety to the sector considered essential for the population

The spread of the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) generated worldwide impacts, mainly in the areas of health and the economy. The situation made people and companies look for alternatives to circumvent the pandemic and renew markets. During this period where creativity is so highly valued, Multilog reinforces its vocation to innovate. At the same time that it completes 24 years, it consolidates processes that ensure quality, expansion and safety. As a result, the player already lives the future and believes that the new strategies implemented to circumvent the impacts of the pandemic will become part of the segment´s routine. “This time has accelerated the transformation process that we were preparing. We are sure that this scenario has created a new routine, a new normal”, says the president, Djalma Vilela.

Reference in the logistics modal and with over 20 units in Brazil and on its borders, Multilog implemented hundreds of measures that brought great news to the sector, such as carrying out remote cargo checks. Due to its expertise, it was the operator chosen to offer the proper structure for virtual import clearance checks. In addition, another important point was the possibility of carrying out the procedures for clearing essential cargo, such as hand sanitizer and masks, in an agile manner. As one of the few companies in Brazil to have the Simplified Customs Transit Declaration (DTA-S), the company managed to make the process up to 75% faster.

Other major measures adopted by the player and which brought development to the sector as a whole were the innovations in the client portal, GENIUS, which allowed official digitized documents to be received and to virtually pre-register Ticket Authorization for Export on the borders of Uruguaiana (RS) and Foz do Iguaçu (PR). The adjustments also ensured implementation of the online registration of the Import Transfer Authorization (ATI) in Santos (SP).

The strategies implemented in recent months that brought such a revolution to the logistics segment started to be debated about two years ago, through events and programs developed by Multilog with a focus on innovation. “Seeking the new, what was never done, the disruptive, was part of our philosophy from the beginning. Our outlook will always be on how logistics will behave tomorrow”, the president adds.

For over two decades, Multilog has also maintained a strong focus on the safety and well-being of workers and the community, values that are even more exalted in light of the latest situations. With essential services to ensure the population’s supply, the company reinforces the protection of our neighbor management and the best ways to serve with empathy and solidarity. “Our product depends on affection and dedication and, therefore, we seek to ensure development and care for others, whether through all the donations made to the municipalities or in day-to-day relations. The world is undergoing transformation, and being able to participate in a fair construction, reducing inequalities, is what matters”, he concludes.