Multilog celebrates 400 remote inspection in nine months

Multilog celebrates 400 remote inspection in nine months

A project to conduct remote inspection already existed, but with the pandemic it needed to be accelerated. The first remote inspection was carried out in April last year in Campinas, since then the process has only intensified, ensuring agility in the release of cargo 

One of the ways to ensure agility in the release of cargo during the pandemic at Multilog was to speed up the implementation of remote inspections. The first was made in April last year in Campinas and the company now reaches the mark of 400 remote inspections carried out over nine months.

In mid-2019, Multilog started thinking about remote inspection, well before the pandemic. “We took it to the Receita Federal of São Paulo and Campinas and started using it. With the pandemic, the processes were accelerated because the inspectors went to work in the home office. Today, Curitiba, Campinas and Itajaí, among others, already have a very active remote inspection ”, said Leonardo Moura, IT Manager. The model has become a reference for the sector as a whole.

The remote inspection process has numerous benefits, as it is possible for the inspector to observe the cargo from wherever he is through fixed cameras and also mobile cameras, with the inspector’s cell phone or tablet on the spot. Besides, he can still ask the inspector to take photos on the spot to be included in the report. Everything is done in a conference room, allowing the exchange of live information between the people participating in the inspection. At the same time, the images from the cameras are available in case the inspector feels the need to return to check some information later.

The goal now is to expand to other regions of the Receita Federal so that the process of remote inspection becomes more and more widespread. “We have also used the tool for customers who often want to inspect a cargo and receive more information, without the need to travel to the location,” said Moura.